Why Cross Cultural Relationships Are a Good Thing

Cross cultural relationships, by definition, are relations involving two individuals who belong to different cultures. Although people tend to focus more on the negative aspects of this kind of relationship, in this article I will show how cultural diversity can be a good thing for two people willing to spend their whole lives together.The first advantage of such a relationship is that it never gets boring. There are so many things you can learn from somebody whose culture is different from yours and in turn, they can learn a lot from your culture. Think of all the fun you can have in teaching and learning. Thus, when you see other couples around you searching for words you will be thankful you do not have to go through the same.Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy both kinds of cultural events with your partner. This will help eliminate the cultural gap between both of you and enable you to understand each other more effectively. You will cease to be a stereotype of your own culture and be able to experience new events with your partner.There is no better way to test and enhance your patience than entering into a cross cultural relationship. As there might be many things in the other person’s culture different and opposite to your own culture, you will learn to celebrate differences instead of just tolerating them.Although many people see child rearing as a great problem in a cross cultural relationship, it is not as big a dilemma. Children who grow up in such an environment are able to develop very good linguistic skills as they can learn different languages from an early age. They will be lucky to enjoy more holidays than other children and learn about different customs. Later, they can see whichever culture suits them best and adapt to it. Even if they wish to blend in both cultures, this should not be seen as a problem. Your children will learn how to respect all kinds of cultures and emerge as excellent citizens of the society.In the process of celebrating differences and learning about another culture, you will begin to see a way in between and find that no one is right or wrong, it is just that people have different point of views. This will change your view about life and make you more open- minded and unbiased towards your own culture.

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