Suggestions to Promote Effective Cross-Cultural Business Negotiations

It is quite common that the workplace today is becoming more and more cultural diversified with the globalization of the world economy. There comes the need to promote effective cross-cultural communications. Business people with different cultural backgrounds often work together for a given purpose. Among them, some work harmoniously and become partners in their cooperation later on; some work unhappily and then depart; and still some are reluctant or even refuse to work together.Actually, as a businessman, we should learn to work in a culturally diversified environment. Only in this way will it be possible for us to expand our business and make it more prosperous and to become true international business people. How to promote effective cross- cultural business communication? Some suggestions will be discussed.One of the suggestions for a more effective communication is the attaching and understanding the background and the cultural of the partner from other countries. Each nation has its own culture, and each culture has its own system of beliefs, values, attitude, norms of behavior and ways of handling things, which is to be shared by the people of the same culture. People bring along with their culture and stick to their cultural norms. The Muslims do not eat pork and they have Ramadan for one month each year; the people in India do not eat beef. We should attach importance to these differences in order to host them appropriately. In one word, we should respect their culture. The managers should allow Muslim staff to take their festival vacation, and their special customs should be respected.In some cultures, people need more private space. This is attributed to their individualism, and we should respect their habit and appropriately arrange the seat before the meeting. Generally speaking, the westerners require more personal space than the easterners. When two westerners talk to each other, they keep a distance which is considered as aloof by the easterners. Personal space in western countries is emphasized. They may feel nervous and move away when this space is invaded.Business people should try to learn other’s culture and respect each other, for neglect or ignorance or even invasion of a given culture may result in trouble or loss or even failure of business.

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